DU Releases Remaining Cut-offs Schedule: Special Cut-Offs Explained

By Abhinandan Kaul in News


The University of Delhi on Saturday, 21 November 2020 released the schedule and admission guidelines for the remaining cut-offs for merit-based admissions for this year's admission session.

Each year the Special cut off used to be the 6th cut off followed by the rest of the normal cut-offs. However, this year the University has announced that it will release a normal 6th cut off after the Special Cut-off.

Admission Procedure Explained-

While the admissions procedure to be followed in the 6th and 7th cut-off by students is the same that they were required to follow in all the previously released 5 cut-offs (Can Be Found Here), the admission procedure of the Special Cut-off has been causing confusion to many, but this article will clear the clouds of doubt shadowing applicants minds and intricately explain each step.

Attached below is a snippet from the University's notice which explains the entire admission procedure for Special Cutoffs:-

In short, the Special Cut-offs will release on 23 November 2020 and the applicants who had taken admission in any of the previous cut-offs or took and canceled their admission would not be eligible for taking admission in the Special cut-offs (but will be eligible to take admission in the 6th and 7th cut-offs).

Further, in case there are more applications for a particular college and course under the special cut off as compared to the seats available, then colleges will give admission based on the Best of Four/Best of Three of the applicants. (The List for Vacant Seats for merit-based admissions can be found here)

Applicants must always keep in mind that, applying in the Special Cut-off does not guarantee admission.

Best wishes to all students from Team Astitva!

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