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With the First round of admissions done with, the University of Delhi on Saturday released the Second Cut-Off list for the courses and colleges under it's purview. Many aspirants who've got into colleges now are curious so about how to shift from one college or course to another. Adding to the confusions are news sites and a few posts which tend to be a bit mislead regarding the shifting process of courses and colleges. Hence, this article will precisely deal with the same and hopefully clear all clouds of doubt that may be on the applicants minds.

To begin with, it is important to mention that applicants can change both college or course, or only course or only college, it is absolutely their choice, they just need to follow the rules mentioned below.

It is also essential to understand what kind of applicant one is before delving into the procedure. There are applicants who've paid their fees and taken admission into the colleges, they are applicants who've got their application approved by the Principal of the College however haven't paid the fees (last date of which was 16 October) and there are those who's applications got rejected or those who didn't even apply in the first place. There are slight differences for each type of applicant.

1)Applicants Who Did Not Apply For Admission In The First List:

Applicants who didn't take admission in the first cut off list simply have to follow the steps for application that have been mentioned on the Official DU Website. The Steps are mentioned in the document below-


2) Applicants Who Applied For Admission In The First List, But Documents Got Rejected:

Applicants who had applied to a particular college for admission but their documents got rejected, they have to follow the same procedure as a fresh applicant and there is nothing extra they must do and no extra fee is to be paid by them.

3) Applicants Who Applied For Admission In The First List And Got Documents Approved By Principal, But Didn't Pay Fees:

Applicants who applied into a particular course and college in the first cut off list and got admission into it, but didn't pay the fee(last date was 16 October), they will have to click on the WITHDRAW option on their application form and would have to pay a withdrawal fee of Rs. 1000/-, and then would be able to apply to another course and college of their choice, just like how they had done in the first cut off list.

4) Applicants Who Applied For Admission In The First Cut List And Got Admission Paying The Fees:

Applicants who've got admission into a particular college and paid their fees are required to click on the CANCEL option on their forms and then they would be able to apply to another course and college of their choice, just like how they were able to in the first cut off list. After cancellation they will get a box in which they would also have to mention their reason for cancellation of admission.

Although everything has been explained above, there are a few very important points that each applicant must keep in mind before withdrawing their admission.

1) If they cleared the cut off in the first list for a particular college and course and didn't take admission in it and they are clearing the second cut off for the same course and college, they can't get admission in the college as college will give preference to those who couldn't clear the cut offs in the first list and have cleared in the second.

However, if a college has the same cut off % for a particular course in the first and second cut off list, then this rule won't apply, and applicants who clear the cut offs can apply.

2) Applicants must calculate their best of four/three % very carefully and check the cut offs and then only apply as once an applicant withdraws or cancels his/her seat from a particular college, the seat would be lost and the applicant can't get it back. So applicants are requested to be extra careful. Applicants can check the DU UG Bulletin below for rules of Best of Four/Best of Three calculation.



3) Applicants can only change course or college once in each cut off.

4) Plenty applicants faced many payment and transaction related problems in the first cut off based admissions. Such problems if faced, the applicants must call on the Payment Help desk and also send an-email to the same.

Details are as below-

Numbers: 9311374188, 9654067616

E-mail: Dupaymentquery@icicibank.com

5) Many applicants also are confused with the re-fund of the fees, this is what the DU Rules mention-

NOTE: All the information given in this article regarding Course/College change was taken from the Webinar conducted by the University of Delhi on it's official Facebook Page. It can be found here-


Best Wishes To All Applicants from Team Astitva!

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